Winner of the 2013 Richard Rodgers Award

Book by Tom & Jack Megan

Music & Lyrics by Tom

Additional Music & Lyrics by Jack

Billy McPherson is the new kid at a parochial school in Boston in the 1960s. He’s getting a fine medieval education, harsh and unrelenting. But when he meets Sister Katherine, his beguiling young drama teacher, he is swept off his feet. She seems to see all the potential that is inside him. She encourages his creativity and inspires him with her music and humor. Billy feels that anything is possible with Sister Katherine at his side! And this incredible feeling leads him on an epic quest. He must earn her love by changing the rules of the church so they can one day marry… But if you want to change the rules, you’ve got to be the one making the rules!

Jack Megan and Tom Megan PHOTO: Josh Lavine

THE KID WHO WOULD BE POPE by brothers Tom and Jack Megan was presented at the 2011 New York Musical Theater Festival. It was awarded the 2013 Richard Rodgers Award and the 2103 American Harmony Prize. The show then received a studio production in May 2014 at ARS NOVA, 511 W 54th St in New York City. Read about the Megan brothers in the Harvard Gazette (May 19, 2014).
Reviews from the New York Musical Theater Festival Production:

“A fun-filled new musical that appeals to the inner child in all of us. An endearing portrait of boyhood fantasies. An upbeat score and witty lyrics.”

“OLIVER meets ANNIE meets Charles Busch meets Disney meets THE SOUND OF MUSIC in this absurd Catholic romp of a delightful, irreverent, charming and truly original new musical.”
– Oscar E. Moore

“One hit! The score is a hoot.”
–New York Post

“The best of the musical fringe shows.”


(Eric Anderson, Jillian Louis, Kyle Brenn, James Judy, NYMF Production)

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