The Ars Nova workshop production of “The Kid Who Would Be Pope” has been made possible by a 2013 Richard Rodgers Award.

And thanks to all of our sponsors who have supported us in the past!






THANKS TO ALL OF OUR GENEROUS DONORS who made the successful run at New York Musical Theatre Festival possible! (Listed Below)

With special thanks to the McManus Family Foundation and the Anna Sosenko Assist Trust for their generous support.


Cherubim: $5,000 and Upwards



Paul and Katie Buttenwieser

Amory and Priscilla Houghton

The Ketterson-Johnson Family Fund

Thomas McGrath

Thomas and Claire Megan

Robert and Carrie Megan

The Houston-Read family



Saints: $1,000 and Upwards



Joel and Lisa Alvord

Barry and Joyce Cohen

Kippy Dewey

David and Amy Gleason

Robert Levine

Glenda Manzi

Jeffrey and Martha Melvoin

Connie Pach

Joseph and Connie Shay

Pam, Hope and Alison Swift



Prophets: $500



John and Lynn Bogle

Hugh Fortmiller and Frances Nolde

Sol Friedman

Nathan and Teresa Gilliland

Graham and Ann Gund

Tom and Terry Hamilton

Peter and Tamara Hermann

Jonathan and Patti Kraft

Michael and Annie Malone

David Megan and Wendy Millette

Peter Pach and Kathleen Megan

Ronald G. Sampson

Zachary Stuart

Pam and Paula Wolk-Spierings

Gerald Wright and Thalia McMillion


Disciples $100 and Up! &  Kids at Heart!






Dr. Menelaos and Joan Aliapoulios

Monk and Mona Barbera

Robert Beniers and Christine Maglione

Bonnie Boatman

Joe Byers

Narcissa Campion

Nachum Cohen

Dr. Edward and Phyllis Connolly

Richard and Yolee Craig

Toby and Susan Dewey

David Downing

Richard and Marilyn Dunfey

John and Patricia Glass

Ann Hall

David and Rebecca Hamlin

Anne Harvey

Charlie and Susan Hubert

Louis Hutchins and Nina Silber

Walker Jones

Marion Joyce

Alice Kane

Tom and Sam Kane

Andrew and Betsy Kessler

Tom and Maria Kingdon

Larry and Amy Letteney

Peiman and Karin Mahdavi

Maureen Martin

Stephen McCauley

Timothy and Ellen Meckel

Michael Gelsenlighter and Carolyn Megan

Kim Slack and Amanda Mujica

Adam Nussenbaum and Shari Abramowitz

Dominic Priolo and Denise Koelsch

Peter and Carmel O’Reilly

Richard and Cindy Patterson

Robert and Katherine Rooks

Jeffrey Struzenski and Amy Axelrod

Per and Elizabeth Suneby

Julia Talcott

Mark Thomson

James and Erica Tosney

John and Sarah Weiss

Richard Wolman

Russell and Akemi Wray


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